Welcome to App Digital Concepts, a young and dynamic group that is dedicated to producing stellar and innovative iPhone apps designed to enhance the whole user
experience. Our vision is simple; we push every idea to its limits to try and make the best apps in the marketplace. Our philosophy revolves around the three “I”s:
We are an independent company that strives to develop exclusive apps for a select group of users who are looking for something special.
As a small business, we are able to remain agile and not hamstrung by layers of bureaucracy and decision-making. We are free to respond quickly to market changes or
trends and our time is focused exclusively on developing innovative solutions for our app users.
The team at App Digital Concepts has over 10 years combined experience in the industry in various regions in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe and has a unique range of
skills and expertise in the following areas:
Games Entertainment Lifestyle Education Multimedia Utilities