Advanced Slow Shutter Camera - Capture Motion Blur Images via Long Exposure Photography

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: Go to iTunes Store *** Create exquisite motion photography, from light painting to capturing smooth water effects just like the Pros! ***
Advanced Slow Shutter Camera allows you to get really creative and capture a completely different style of photography that is usually reserved only to expensive DSLR Cameras. Surprise your friends and family with unique and amazing photos.
Automatic Mode - Great for capturing ghost images, waterfall effects and adding movement or blur to your photos.
Manual Mode - Perfect for shooting in difficult lighting conditions (low light, especially). It allows you to open up the shutter,
and let the light flow in.
Light Trail - Creates eye-catching trails of light effect. Set the shutter speed and sensitivity value (how rapidly the camera
sensor captures light).

US$ 0.99

* Capture in 3 Different Modes: Automatic, Manual, and Light Trail
* Set Camera's Shutter Speed, Light Sensitivity, Image Exposure
* Automatic Tap Screen Image Capture with Grid Control
* Self Timer, Front/Rear Camera, Flash Light & Auto Save