Budget Expense Planner - Track, Manage & Organise Your Personal Daily, Bills, Payments, Expenditures & Save Money!

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: Go to iTunes Store *** Budget Expenses Planner is the ideal solution for those that prefer a user friendly and hassle-free budgeting app in
achieving money saving objectives on the go! ***
Budget Expense Planner is focused on helping users track their budget versus bills, expenses with ease. Simply spare a minute
each day and let the app organise your data in beautiful graphical analysis to provide you with your daily, weekly and yearly
financial snap-snot. With just a tap of the button, you will be able to track your spending habits and help you make the
necessary financial changes such as postponing unnecessary purchases.
You are in control of your destiny, start saving and manage your expenses wisely to enjoy financial freedom!

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* Easily create and manage your Budget vs Expense transactions
* Beautiful Pie-Charts that reflect your Weekly, Monthly, Yearly spending habits
* Add / Edit expense categories: Dining, Entertainment, Kids, House, Groceries, Travel & more
* Quickly sort & view past transactions within date range & customise descriptions
* Supports all major currencies and app is passcode-protected for maximum privacy