Caveman Evolution Booth - Create Crazy, Ugly & Funny Ape Looking Face Photos Pictures of your Friends, Family, Celebrity

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: Go to iTunes Store *** Pimp your Friend, Family or Celebrity's faces to the Caveman look! ***
Travel back to the pre-historic era and see how your family, friends, colleagues and celebrities would look like. Caveman
Evolution Booth provides a fun way to instantly morph ape looking faces on your iPhone, iPod and iPad and share them via
FaceBook, Twitter and Email.
* High Quality Blending & Auto Face Detection
* Wide Range of Face Themes with Colour Matching
* Before and After Instant Photo Comparison


* Take Photos with Camera or Select from Photo Album
* Save to Photo Album or Share via Facebook, Twitter and Email
Caveman Evolution Booth is a application designed for entertainment purposes only and does not guarantee resemblance to the real ancient human evolution process.