Dating Doctor - Learn How To Mix Drinks & Cocktails, Read Palmistry & Horoscope, Love & Romance Tips & more!

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: Go to iTunes Store *** Knowledge is power and the Dating Doctor will provide you the essential tools to impress your date with your intellect in
the 21st Century! ***
Many of us may have read about tips on dating but the truth to this area is about attracting someone with your personality
and knowledge. With the Dating Doctor, users will get a broad range of mini apps touching on a wide range of topics so you
can strike a interesting conversation with your date or anyone, anywhere and anytime. Apart from Dating Tips, you will
learn skills on:
- Mix Popular Drinks / Cocktails


- Cooking Exotic Asian Food Cuisine
- Learning Horoscope Signs and Palmistry
- Give Psychic Readings with the Crystal Ball
- Inspiring Quotes & Meaning of Happiness
- Funny & Crazy Laws around the World
- Health Issues like Optimum Weight, BMI, Heart Rate