Dragon Returns: Martial Arts Championship

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: Go to iTunes Store ***Choose from 8 worldwide iconic masters in combat fighting, unleash special moves, fight in 9 exotic locations in a merciless
martial arts competition organized by The Boss in Dragon Returns!***
Dragon is a legend in the field of martial arts but decided to stay away from the limelight to seek inner peace and study the 
philosophical aspects of fighting. To his surprise, he and other renowned martial artists from around the world receives an
invitation to a underground martial arts competition organized by "The Boss". Dragon and the other masters decides to take
up the challenge.
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Players have 8 iconic fighters to choose and dominate opponents in head-to-head battle. The controls are very easy to use with
punch (P), kick (K) and block (B). Players can use a variety of martial arts moves to defeat their enemies and build up a chi meter,
which can help unleash special moves (SP) on their opponents.
: 8 unique characters to choose: Dragon, Phoenix, Max, Chan, Donny, Rock, Tiger & Flash
: Training and Free Fight mode with options to set difficulty and number of rounds
: Eye popping visuals and unique special moves to explore in 9 different locations