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: Go to iTunes Store *** Are you bored with sending static images and standard emoticons to your friends? Start creating unique looping images
with GIF Photo Share to your friends and family! ***
GIF Photo Share is the new way to text and share your life by creating looping videos with a maximum of 50 frames.
Capture memorable dynamic moments in the form of short movie clips, express your love to someone with a funky dance or
simply take up the role of a director and show your friends the magic moments of nature. You can even use your own photo
library to create loops of pictures to tell a story, the possibilities are endless, its all about your creativity and imagination.


: Easy and simple user interface for capturing loop images or creating them via existing photo library.
: Front/Rear Cameras supported with lighting function for dark environments. Supports a maximum of 50 picture frames.
: Create and share looping images/videos easily on Wechat, Twitter, Facebook or iMessage on your iPhone.
: For Wechat users, you can add your looping images as Emoticons for future use by simply tapping it then add to