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: Go to iTunes Store *** My Personal Diary is your perfect companion for recording your daily life events, feelings, thoughts and memorable moments! ***

My Personal Diary is a password protected diary that is perfect for the 21st century when it comes to writing down your thoughts
and keeping them secure anytime & anywhere. The stylish yet simple yet full featured interface makes the whole process simply
Download "My Personal Diary" and experience a new and refreshing way to record your thoughts and cherished memories!!!

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: Password Protection
  Once the password is set, the diary locks automatically whenever it's closed.
: Automatic Entry
  Entries are automatically saved after every keystroke and supports multiple entries per day
: Wide Selection of Fonts, Colors, Paper Styles
  Choose from over 100+ font styles, colors, sizes and a variety of stylish cover styles and paper formats
: Watermark Imaging
  Add a photo as a watermark image for an entry for additional inspiration and personalization
: Calendar View & Search Management
  Supports Calendar View and Search for extra convenience when searching for past / future date entries
: Exporting & Sharing
  PDF exporting your diary is supported and you can also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Email