World Radio Pro - Live Internet Radio Stations for Music, News, Sports, Weather, Talk Shows and more!
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: Go to iTunes Store ***Listen to live radio broadcasts (news, music, talk shows and many more) from around the globe with the World Radio Pro! ***
World Radio Pro is the best way to stay connected to the world wherever you are, via your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. with
access to over 30,000+ radio channels sorted by Country/Genre/Popularity, World Radio Pro is dedicated to giving you the
best radio listening experience.
: Listen to over 30,000+ live worldwide radio channels
: Three radio skin styles (Cyber Blue, Metallic Grey and Classic Wood)
: Find your preferred Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance, News channels, add them to "Favourites"


: Sleep timer supports playing MP3 and Radio Stations
: Option to manually add more radio stations
Note: This app requires internet connection and some radio stations may not work when their stream has been switched offline by the broadcaster.